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Interior furniture

Here at the carpentree we offer a bespoke service for the whole living area. From stool to stairs and panelling, up to walk-in wardrobes and libraries,we make everything individually for you. Whether you need a family heirloom restored, or a new kitchen we have the skills and experience to do it.


Also with our quality materials and range of finishes , we can suit your every need. Natural oils and waxes , waterbased varnish, effect varnish and bright lustre varnish.


We offer a professional service to find the right product for your needs.


Exterior furniture

For the exterior we use, solid wood beams, pressure-impregnated spruce as well as hardwoods of all kinds.


Of course we also offer high quality exterior woodwork... Pergolas, gates, wood deckings. And we are here to discuss with pleasure, which wood and which kind of treatment is the right thing for you.